Craven/Kitching/Brook/Brooke photo archives

Zechariah Craven
(1846 – 1912)
Elizabeth Anne Kitching Craven
(1847 - 1922)
Alfred Craven
(1873 - 1929)


Frank Tempest Craven visited England with hsi mother in 1921. He is shown here in Blackpool.

Nancy Lindle Manship married Frank Tempest Craven in 1948
Also shown is Nancy Linn (Banks) Craven


Frank Tempest Craven, Jane Brook Craven, Frank A. Craven, Nancy Manship Craven, and Nancy Linn Craven, April 1949

Nancy Manship Craven, Charles Brooke, Anne Illingworth Brooke, Louie Jagger Craven, Jack Craven back row
Lily Tempest, Frank T. Craven, Minnie Tempest, front row. 1961


Manship/Murray photo archives

Alfred Henry Manship (1837-1904) and Eliza J Lindle Manship (1847-1898)
Frank Alfred Manship
(1877 - 1915)
taken 1910 or earlier
Mary Gettys Murray Manship
(1877 - 1948)


Mary Murray Manship and Frank Alfred Manship,
circa 1910

The Murrays in Landisburg: (left to right) circa 1904
Ruth or Belle, Elizabeth “Biz”, Mary, mother Emma,
William (child down in front, son of Ted), George, James “Ted”


Diven/Linn photo archives

John Linn (1749 - 1820)
long-time pastor of Centre Presbyterian Church
and other parishes (this might be his son James Linn --- we are not sure), Perry County, PA

Emma J. Diven Murray
(1846 - 1905)
taken about 1904


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