GardenScenes, part 1

OKAY, I admit it. I am gaga over gardening. As a fiberart teacher from Maine once said, "If I could garden all year 'round, I'd never make another quilt". My gardens are just as creative an experience as any quilt has been! Starting with the first home we owned, in Ithaca, NY, the ornamentals have been a big focus. When we moved to a very private lot atop a steep driveway, the renovation of a long steep bank of goldenrod, which almost entirely circled the house, began-- and continued through our 10-year tenure there; also the foundation planting, of which there was none when we moved in -- that was essential.

Gardens at Hungerford Rd and Sapsucker Woods

2006 the second property-- this photo captures the steep situation. All foundation planting, including the towering magnolia, was done by us.

2006 front of the house: "Harry Lauder Walking Stick" Corylus, Junipers, and Magnolia dominate; beech tree with spectacular fall color behind


2006 banked garden behind and encircling the house, some of the rock hardscaping and a partial view of Tom's fabulous ponds

2006 Another good view of the banked perennial garden


2004 fall-color view DOWN the steep driveway
2006 back of the house from top of perennial garden
2006 kousa dogwood and evening primrose flowering


2006 "shade" garden
2006 "shade" garden and side of the house
2003 -- rebuilt rock stairsteps, Astilbes in bloom
Great shot of Tom's main pond.


2005 mixed plantings against the west side of the house
2004 Hostas just up; late afternoon sun through the trees
2002 looking north along the garden; still lots of blank spots in the "sun" garden; Great shot of Tom's main pond


2006 mixed "sun" garden
2006 mixed "sun" garden
2003 stone stairs into densely shaded woods beyond


2002 Peonies in the sunniest location I had in this bank
maybe got 4 hours of direct or dappled sun

2002 still lots of blank spots in "sun" garden
2002 shadiest garden; eventually I ripped out the variegated hostas


2002 "shade" garden; hostas, bleeding heart, Persecaria
2002 at the north end of the main pond, water runs out of the ground until June. After this year, I began removing variegated hostas and put in Darmera who loved having wet feet

2002 an earlier view along the bank
towards the pond


2004 late afternoon sun through the trees
2002 Darmera liked the south end of the pond
1980's our first house. Lots of rhododendrons, forsythia, dogwoods, lilacs

The Newest Gardens
Starting over again at a new address in 2007


Melissa Craven Fowler
Ithaca, NY