Bird Banding Pliers
from YellowBird Labs in Ithaca, NY

Please contact me NOW to get your order into my 2016 queue!
The best way to order is by e-mail

My mission is to provide the best banding pliers available at a reasonable price while having a lot of fun and making a little profit.

The best way to order is by e-mail. Please specify the band size(s) and number of pairs of pliers needed. For the smaller sizes, two different size bands can be accommodated on one pair of pliers. I custom build each pair and therefore don’t stock an inventory. The normal lead time is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the size of my backlog queue. Since I custom build each pair, I may be able to accommodate new and different configurations.
Once I receive your order, I put it in my queue. When your order is nearing completion, I send you an e-mail requesting payment. I prefer checks but I can handle credit cards using PayPal. Once I receive payment I ship your order. Please note that the price quoted includes shipping within the USA and Canada.

I guarantee your satisfaction. If there is a problem with your pliers please contact me. On rare occasions I make a mistake. I will make it right or return your payment.
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